Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Tuition Assistance Program?

The Tuition Assistance Program is an educational assistance program that is paid directly to an accredited college or university to cover tuition cost. The program was designed to help students graduate with little to no debt.

How do I earn Tuition Assistance?

Tuition assistance is earned through a combination of earned credit hours (enrollment status), semester GPA and labor participation/attendance.

What is the maximum amount that I can earn per year with the Tuition Assistance Program?

$5250 annual tax free benefit. This benefit allowance resets at the start of each calendar year.

What is the specific approval/review process?

First, HR reviews the application. If it is in good order it moves on to Accounts Payable and then to our Controller who issues the payment information to our check provider. The checks are then sent to the institution in which you are enrolled.

How long does my tuition assistance application take to process?

Applications take around 10-15 business days to process from initial approval to mailing the check to the university. The longest process time falls on the university cashing the check and posting it to your student account.

What if I am concerned about late fees due to a late submission?

In these cases, HR can provide a letter on EAW letterhead you can provide to your Bursar. This letter contains check/payment information, the purpose of which is to let the Bursar know that a payment is incoming to the account shortly. This can be used to offset potential late fees.


Are there items that are not covered by tuition assistance program?

Tuition Assistance benefits do not include payments for the following items: meals, lodging, transportation, tools, or supplies (other than textbooks).

Can Tuition Assistance be applied to a previous loan?

Payments will be made directly to the university and will not be made payable to student loan companies.

What happens if I have loans covering or applied to my university bill?

Any loans taken out after your hire date will be treated as a balance on your bill but the payment will still only be sent your university.

What happens to the Tuition Assistance that I earn if my employment is terminated?

You forfeit any unused tuition funds in your account.

If I resign from Education at Work what happens to any unused Tuition Assistance funds?

Students must be currently employed by EAW to receive tuition assistance benefits. No payments will be issued after employment ends.

Can I submit transcripts or invoices from prior schooling?

Only if the transcripts and GPA are from your most recent semester while employed with EAW. Any grades earned before your hire date can’t be utilized.

What if I have earned tuition assistance but I have a zero balance due at school for a semester?

Those funds or “banked funds” will remain here at EAW until you have a balance sufficient to send them. To do this, simply submit another application with the transcript that earned you the funds from your previous application along with a new bill/balance and new course schedule.

What happens if I am on a full scholarship?

You can use the Tuition Assistance Funds to offset any portion of your tuition that might not be covered by the scholarship, including books.

How do I get reimbursed for books with tuition assistance?

Book applications require a $0 balance on your student account, meaning your tuition and fees have to be covered first. The books will need to have been purchased already. To apply, submit your current bill, grades, upcoming course schedule, book receipt and course syllabi stating the book requirements for the courses. Books can be purchased from book stores or 3rd party sellers like Amazon.


How do I submit my tuition assistance application?

Good question! Click here for a step by step walk through!

What documents do I need to submit for tuition assistance?

We require three documents:

  1. An itemized bill from your school for the semester you are seeking assistance for
  2. Unofficial academic transcript or semester grade report for your most recent semester. Be sure the grade report has posted final GPAs / credit hours earned and which semester the grades are from
  3. Upcoming class schedule for your next semester

What formats are acceptable for my documents?


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